Graduation Ceremony, June 2016

Zhangjiajie, June 2016

Tian Men Mountain, June 2016

Belgium, May 2016

Mount Ali, February 2016

National Chair Professorship, December 2015

With Former President Sun, November 2015

Handover Ceremony for Dean, August 2015

Japan, October 2015

Y.Z. Hsu Scientific Chair Professor, August 2015

The Dian Lake, May 2015

Yunnan, May 2015

Hong Kong, May 2015

Dinner with Prof. Philip S. Yu, May 2015

Hokkaido, Japan, August 2010

Jiuzhai, China, July 2010

Chung Ching, China, July 2010

Hyderabad, India, July 2010

NCHU in March, 2010

Yuan Ming Garden at Beijing, March 2010

Academic Award Ceremony (with Premier Wu) in December, 2009

Academic Award Ceremony (with students) in December, 2009

Birthday in November, 2009 (with students)

Birthday in November, 2009 (with ex-PhD students)

CIKM in Hong Kong, November 2009

Birthday in November, 2008

Inauguration as Director of CITI (with President Wong and Academician Lee), Academia Sinica, September 2008

PAKDD in Japan, May 2008

Ping Pong Competition in April, 2008

MSRA in March, 2008

Beijing in March, 2008

Birthday in November, 2007

Philippines in November, 2007

Anniversary of III (with Chairman Wu) in July, 2007

Jade technology society (with Dr. Shih) in July, 2007

Jade technology society in July, 2007

Moscow in June, 2007

Red Square in June, 2007

ACM Fellow Award Banquet in June, 2007

ACM Fellow in June, 2007

KSA in June, 2007

Dubai in June, 2007

Meeting at III in May, 2007

III in May, 2007

Vietnam in April, 2007

Inauguration as CEO/President of III in February, 2007

Birthday in November, 2006

With students in October, 2006

Faculty Summit at Tsing-Hwa Univ., Beijing in October, 2006

Teco Award in October, 2006

Ann Arbor Campus in October, 2006

Law School of Ann Arbor in October, 2006

EECS of Ann Arbor (with Prof. Shin) in October, 2006

Lab in September, 2006

Japan in August, 2006

GICE Director Handover in August, 2006

Great Wall in June, 2006

Jer Jiang (with Philip) in April, 2006

PAKDD in Singapore in April, 2006

Birthday in November, 2005

VLDB Conference in Norway in August, 2005

Pan Wen Yuan Award in August, 2005

Bangkok in August, 2005

MIT (with Barryn, Victor and Tei-Wei) in August, 2005

MIT in August, 2005

Ha Lung Bay in May, 2005

Hanoi in May, 2005

Office in April, 2005

River Cam in Cambridge in April, 2005

Hwa Ching Pond in February, 2005

Jiao Tung Univ. at Shanghai in February, 2005

Korea in February, 2005

Family in Korea in February, 2005

Ski in Korea in February, 2005

War Memorial in Korea in February, 2005

Tsing Hwa University in November, 2004

Visiting Do Co Mo, Japan, August 2004

Bing Ma Yong in June, 2004

Graduation Ceremony in June, 2004

Hang Zhou in April, 2004

Shang Hai in April, 2004

With Nobel Laureate Charles Kao in December, 2003

IEEE Fellow Ceremony in December, 2003

Germany in October, 2003

VLDB Conference in Berlin in September, 2003

GICE Director Handover in August, 2003

PAKDD Conference in Taipei in May, 2002

PAKDD Open Ceremony in Taipei in May, 2002

New Year Card in 1999

House in York Town in 1990

York Town in 1990

IBM Hawthorne Lab. in 1989

IBM Yorktown Lab. in 1989

Graduation Ceremony in 1988

Lab. at Ann Arbor, 1987