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Journal Papers:

  • J.-C. Ou, C.-H. Lee, and M.-S. Chen, "Efficient Algorithms for Incremental Weblog Mining Using Dynamic Thresholds," accepted by Very Large Data Base Journal (VLDBJ), 2006.
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    Conference Papers:

  • J.-W. Huang, C.-Y. Tseng, J.-C. Ou, and M.-S. Chen, "Pisa : Progressive Mining of Sequential Patterns," Proc. of the ACM 15th Intern'l Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM-06), November 6-11, 2006.
  • J.-C. Ou, C.-H. Lee and M.-S. Chen, "Web Log Mining with Adaptive Support Thresholds," Proc. of the 14th International World Wide Web Conference(Alternate Track Papers & Posters), May 10-14, 2005.
  • S.-H. Lo, J.-Z. Ou and M.-S. Chen, "Inference Based Classifier: Building Decision Trees Efficiently for Categorical Attributes," Proc. of the 5th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK-2003), September 3-5, 2003.
  • C.-H Lee, J.-Z. Oh and M.-S. Chen, "Progressive Weighted Miner: An Efficient Method for Time-Constraint Mining," Proc. of the 7th Pacific-Asia Conf. on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD-03), April 30 to May 2, 2003.
  • J.-Z. Ouh, P. Wu, and M.-S. Chen, "Constrained Based Sequential Pattern Mining," Proc. Of International Workshop on Web Technology, December 4-6, 2001.
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