[Tutorials and Libraries for Deep Learning]
[Tutorials and Libraries for Data Mining]
  1. Data Mining: An Overview from a Database Perspective
  2. http://cs.nju.edu.cn/zhouzh/zhouzh.files/course/dm/reading/reading01/chen_tkde96.pdf
    Also study slides from Data Mining 3e , http://hanj.cs.illinois.edu/bk3/:
    . Ch 6. Mining Frequent Patterns, Associations and Correlations: Basic Concepts and Methods
    . Ch8. Classification: Basic Concepts
    . Ch10. Cluster Analysis: Basic Concepts and Methods
  3. Mining Frequent Patterns: Apriori
  4. http://rakesh.agrawal-family.com/papers/vldb94apriori.pdf
  5. Mining Frequent Patterns : FP-Growth
  6. http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=335372
  7. Classification: SVM
  8. http://www.cise.ufl.edu/class/cis4930sp11dtm/notes/intro_svm_new.pdf
  9. Classification: Neural Network / Deep learning (e.g. Google's open-source TensorFlow)
  10. https://www.tensorflow.org/
    Study "0 - Prerequisite" to "3 - Neural Networks - Multilayer Perceptron".
    For this part, you may use easier "Python + Keras".
    Keras is a high-level framework for deep learning. You may select TensorFlow or Theano as the learning engine.
  11. Classification: Neural Network / Deep learning (e.g. Google's open-source TensorFlow)
  12. Other tools:
    (1) Python + scikit-learn (very detailed documentation)
    (2) Java +Weka
    (3) R
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[Mining Frequent Patterns + GPU]
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